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2002/7/29 Beaquilt,USA

2002/7/8 Ellen Mariko Koga Rosenberg,USA

2002/7/6 Audrey Sukovich, USA

2002/7/2 Tammy Schoelen, USA

2002/7/18 Marina Van Benthem, CANADA

2002/6/18 Debra Van Dorp, USA

2002/6/2 Marcia Meier, USA

2002/5/24 May Minnick, USA

2002/5/4 Swan Lirsey, USA

2002/5/1 Vicky Davis, USA

2002/4/20 Mary's Quilt inn, USA

2002/4/20 Hilde Van Bouwel, Belgium

2002/3/21 Betty , CANADA

2002/3/11 Ann Rennier, USA

2002/2/19 Irene Gardner

2002/2/19 Betty , CANADA

2002/2/2 Kay Coens, JAPAN

2002/1/26 Nina Dyer, CANADA

2001/12/29 Sherry Romaila, USA

2001/12/6 Cathy Dales, USA

2001/11/25 Cherry Norton, UK

2001/11/21 Krista Clooman, USA



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