Mr. Sugano, the famouse private tuner of Gamma, modified RG400Gamma as a Racing machine. Rider is Mr. Arii who fought the Japanese National Championship in Junior class against to Kazuto Sakata .
Now we come back to the circuit with RG Gamma!

The day before the circuit run. Mr. Sugano is still strugling with Gamma.
The night before the circuit run. Mr. Arii joined to struggling. It's almost the midnight-----.
This is very usual sight for all of the private racers.
Mr. Arii wearing his racing suits.
The temperature is 1 Celsius degree. Grass is frosted and pond is frozen,
Mr. Ariis' first job.
He felt down at the first right turn just after the pit out.
What a GOOD JOB!
Mr. Sugano try to repair it for next run with sigh and grumbling,
to be continued

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