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Hello all

I hope one of you can help me - a friend of mine was telling me about a book written by a Nobel Prize Winner. It is about a man taking his mother /grandmother up to the top of a mountain to die and coming back down a changed man.

Unfortunately my problem is I have no idea what the book is called and was wondering if this storyline is in any of the books written by Oe Kenzaburo?

Thank you so much for your time

Damien Lee, (2005.12.8)

Thank you for sending words of encouragement, JIDE.

Kunio ITO (2005.7.31)

I have heard the news of "Article 9 Association" yesterday.
Oe san,and all the people who love the!
I will support you forever!
Love&Peace viva!

JIDE (2005.7.31)

My college professor has sent me on a hunt for some quotes used in Oe's "A Personal Matter" and I'm stumped. Can someone help me?

In chapter 2, Bird remembers a quote: "You can race this bicycle to a strange land and soak in whisky for a hundred days." Where is this from?

Also, in chapter three, he recalls an American phrase: "Are you kidding me? Are you looking for a fight?" Is this a specific reference, perhaps a book or a movie? If so, from where?

Does anyone know about these quotes? Are they literary references or simply made up? Even my professor doesn't know, and that is why he has sent me on this goose chase =) Please email. Thanks!


I am just wondering about that if anyone have read Taninnoashi a novel written by Ooe can they tell me what they think of it and what common features and significance they see in that novel with other of Oe's novels
thank you ^^

I have only read Mr. Oe's "A Personal Matter". It rang true to my experience of having a disabled child. If you are interested in how another artist deals with this subject I would invite you to check out my work "painting" at

Tim Lowly,

Healing Family was my special favorite. Oe's well considered way to write  and very realistic and wise attitude towards crises in life  was something very interesting and unique.

I have been searching for Kenzaburo Oe short stories other than those that are in the collection "Teach Us To Outgrow Our Madness" and have been translated into English. I have not been able to locate any such stories, but I assume that somewhere they exist. I have seen exerpts from the stories "Lavish are the Dead," "Odd Job," and "The Day the Emperor...," in English, but I have never found the full text. Is there any where I might be able to find them or anyone that might have them that would be willing to relinquish them?
M. Warren,

Hello, I'm from Korea.
I'm very excited to find this site! I collected about 15 books of Oe's translated into Korean, and want to get every books of his published in Korea. I want to exchange what I feel and think about his works and know more of him.
I seek other his Fans in Korea and have a plan to make his fan-club homepage in Korean and English. Is there someone interested in Korean-Fan, or how Oe deals past histories of Korea and Japan, or how he express his friendship with Korean and Chinese progressive writers?
Waiting for your reply....
Seunghoon Ko, in Seoul, Korea ,
I was astonished to see such a reaction to E! I am Spanish translator of KenzaburEe (The Silent Cry, Natuskashii toshi e no tegami, and Memushiri kouchi) from the Japanese. I would love to receive comments and exchange mail with his readers from all over the world. In return, I can offer my humble knowldege of his books. Write in Spanish, English, Japanese, German, Dutch, Korean, French, Portuguese, Italian or Catalan. I promise to correspond to all. Thank you!
Miguel Wandenbergh,
Fans of Kenzaburo Oe who can read English might like to know about "The Music of Light," by Lindsley Cameron, a book which has just been published in America by The Free Press, concerning Mr. Oe's relationship with his son Hikari. The book contains biographical information about Mr. Oe and discussions of novels which might be helpful to students doing research.
????, ????????(1998.5.24)
I have loved Oe's works for over 20 years. I'm so happy to see this site. Thank you for all your hard work. It would be wonderful to have a discussion about Oe's influence (if any) the generation of young Japanese writers which followed him - Haruki Murakami, for instance.
Hi, Mr.Oe!
"Oe" is ordinary last name in Japan. "O" means 'big' and "E" means 'inlet'. Japan has many inlets. So, there are many people who have last name "Oe", I think.
Have not read any books by Mr Oe. I find his last name to be very interesting since I have the same last name and I am not from Japan. Have you ever researched his last name?
Thank You
Ed Oe,
I am researching, A Personal Matter and was wondering if you could please help me find some criticism or works done on this book as soon as you could. Thank you
billy o'brien,
Great page. Do you have any precis or discussions, etc. on his book Hiroshima Notes. Would appreciate any links. Can's seem to find anything on this writing.
Thank you.
Deborah LaFontaine,
continuez-vous dans cette maniere,monsieur OE
Gabriele Paroni,
Currently, I am writing a doctoral paper about Toru Takemitsu, which includes a chapter concerning his colleague, Kenzaburo O I am hoping to have an interview with Mr. O possibly in April. If anyone knows the address/phone number of Mr. O or Mr. Os contractor, please let me know.
Hi! Canadian born Chinese studying at Mcgill university. I'm taking a Modern Japanese Literature course. I'm doing a project on Oe. Your page is amazing. I just finished reading Prize Stock and When I was really young. Both were interesting stories. I have yet to watch any of the movies based on Oe's books. Maybe after the course I will watch it. Thanks for creating this page. It was very interesting.
Last year, I have seen the movie "A QUIET LIFE" with English subtitles at a movie theater of Tokyo.
ITO Kunio,
I have heard that A QUIET LIFE was made into a movie. Is there an English version of this, perhaps with subtitles? On video? I would love to get ahold of it. Thanks for any info.
It's a wonderful genius!
Oe is the master! Enjoyed the page :)
I've read and loved A PERSONAL MATTER and most of Oe's work. Someday, I would like to be able to read his convoluted prose in the original exercise in masochism I've heard.....I'm a fan of Oe's earlier work in particular...... PRIZE STOCK, etc. I respect his political message as worded in JAPAN,THE AMBIGUOUS, AND MYSELF, his 1994 Nobel prize acceptance speech the title of which is a pun on the title of Kawabata's own acceptance speech. Yet, despite my respect for Oe and his work, I cannot help but feel that next to Kawabata, he is an inferior writer. Oe's harsh lyricism began as a radical departure from the conventionalism of japanese prose, but in effect, became mired in its own convention. Oe's themes seem less heartfelt the longer he writes. He has become separated from mainstream japanese thought, which perhaps is more japan's tragedy than Oe's tragedy. But to return to my original point, I believe that it is more difficult to revive the indigenous tradition than to fly in the face of it. Kawabata revived the tradition of japanese literature while at the same time marrying it to the all-important Western influences (in Kawabata's time French naturalism). This is no small feat. Were Oe to tackle the same dilemma, I believe that he would fail miserably. Anyone interested in Japanese literature of this century should not underestimate Kawabata, for it was he who paved the way for other writers such as Mishima, and later on, though less directly, Oe. Kawabata ranks among Murasaki, Buson and Bashou as one of the greatest japanese writers of all time. It would be unthinkable to place Oe in that same category.
I started reading Oe Kenzaburo for a high school Japanese project and have loved his writing ever since. I'm glad to see that there are so many other people who do too...
Kathy Fidler,
Hi, this is from Italy, Milano. Oesan okii desu ne? Mr.Oe is great! Why do you think we love him so much? I think because he understands us all.
Hope to read something more by him in Italian Ciao.
mariella, mariella
du is very ful
bogga, har ingen
I am currently writing a paper discussing the public and the private in The Silent Cry and would appreciate anyone's ideas/suggestions on this topic. I am focusing on the frequent publicness of things that "normally" would be private. Thanks for the help!
D.C. Hays,
I hope you might be able to help em. I am looking for the text published in the New York Times Magazine under the title of The Day the Emperor Spoke with a Human Voice. I am not sure if this is the correct title as I have the reference from a Spanish text. I need to locate some fragments from the text for the catalogue of an exhibition on Hiroshima in which the text is quoted.
Brendan Lambe,
i just read "der stolz der toten" 10 min ago.
this is the strongest piece of literature ie ever read.
i complitly stunned.
this will b an evening full of drinking and drawing......
Oe's work is extraordinary. I finished "A Personal Matter" in one night. He is intense, and brings forth extreme emotions from his readers. I am fortunate to have stumbled upon this web page.
Diane E. Driver,
I am glad to have received five volumes of Selected Works of Kenzaburo Oe in Chinese translation from the Chinese editor. It is great that his works reach Chinese readers and I am sure that there are now many Kenzaburo Oe fans in China. I am also grateful to Mr. Oe, as the editor tells me, that he does not request royalty from Chinese publisher.
By the way, in his Nobel lecture, Mr. Oe shows his support to Chinese writers fighting for democracy and freedom of writing. He mentioned Mo Yan or Zheng Yi particularly. I would like to know if he has given more comments on these two writers in some other places. If anyone in this club knows, please inform me. I will be very grateful.
Chen Maiping,
I a Spanish Law student, and I read " A Personal Matter" just a few months. I love the book, so I like to tell you. In my personal opinion, that is one of the best novels Ie read.
Isidoro Garre,
Ie just become a fan of the great Kenzaburo and I really love his work. I also think it very good that someone made a page for his fans. Thank you for the good work.
Henrik Tynnhammar,
I'm glad to have found this page. I love the Oe's literature. It's very difficult to find its books in spanish. Even if I have many problems to write in english I'm able to read in this language. I would like to know if I can buy the last novel or work of Kenzaburo Oe, I would like to know the tittle of his last work. Please answer me, please, again, my excuses for this message in a bad english, impossible for this CLUB!!!
Juan Falconi Morales,
I would like to know the English-transition names of whole his works.
Jin-Ho Choi,
I would appriciate if you could tell me if Mr. Oe is planning to visite the US anytime during 1997-1998? Thanks.
Yoko Onishi,
I looked for Oe's short story books. But,I did not find its. Would you like to give some information where can I find its around Jakarta? Thank's.
ahmadun yosi herfanda,
Hi, I'm interested in Oe's work. Recently First I have read one of his work. The name of work is Personal Experience. I was very impressed by it. Although this page is not official, I expect that many development comes true.
Hi. This is a reply to Michel.
CDs of Hikaru Oe's music were released from DENON, Japan. I think DENON has world-wide distribution, and you may find these stuffs on contemporary-classical corner or ambient corner of CD shops. If you could find Somei Satoh's CDs, so would Oe's.
Yoshihiko Nonomura,
I love you so much. Hope I see you soon.
tetsuya takahashi,
Last autumn I happened to turn on my television and if my memory serves me well it was CNN or another american TV network who presented and interview with Kensaburo Oe. I was very moved by this interview. He talked extensively about his son and his disability.
The reason I'm writting to you is to inquire about the following. During the interview they talked about his son writting music which was performed by the Philharmonic orchestra in Japan. They also mentionned that 2 Compact discs where relased. I would like very much to find these compact discs but unfortunately I don't know under what name they were released and under what label.
I was woundering if by any chance you would have a clue about what I'm talking about.
If you could help me find this information I would be most grateful for any help you or anyone could give me.
I thank you in advance for any information you might be able to give me.
Please have a good day.
Michel Drisdelle,
Kenzaburo has the nicest eyeglasses I have ever witnessed. I had a friend that went to se him at a lecture at a university. My friend said Kenzaburo loves Twinkies and Devil Dogs. Does Kenzaburo read Hustler and the Enquirer. Does he go to Soapland when he is in Japan. Please let me know these things.
Sincerely, Larry Flynt,
I enjoy reading your page. I am from Kenya all the way from Africa and I am going to teach Oe and his A Personal Matter at Nairobi University.
I hope to increase Oe fan here. I hope you will give me more information on Oe and his works. Thank you.
Masumi odari,
Hi. This is a great page. I am writing a paper and I am wondering if it is correct to write Kenzaburo Oe or Oe Kenzaburo when siting this author in English. If you know, please respond to my email. Thanks
Joey Giaritelli,
I enjoyed your page. I is wonderful. I was wondering if you can help me understand the suicide theme of the story. What is the significance of the death of Mitsu's friend?
Thank you.
A growing grass of the Garden of Oe
A happy weed but not among the little
Andrias Yose,
your page is great!! i am doing a research paper on The Silent Cry and this page has been very helpful
tommy wood,
Kudos for intiating this fan club! I enjoy reading Oe's fiction. I seek to find criticism and commentary about Oe's scandalous "A Political Youth Dies" in translation. Can somebody point me in the proper direction for resources?
C. Lindholm,
I go into this net by accident. I am very glad to find Oe's information here. As far as I know Oe is a very conscientious writer. ProfessorLin Sui-fu of Fujen Catholic Universtiy has reommended him to Taiwanesereaders. He said the other day if any foreign reader tries to understand Japan, Oe's works is indispensable. I take off my hat to him for his conscience. May he keep writing more good works! Finally may the Buddhabless him and his family. In fact the world needs such a writer like Oe. This is the great honor of Japan. As a Taiwanese reader I also takegreat pride in him.
With Best Wishes,
Cheng Chang,
(lecutrer of Cheng Hsiu Junior College of Technology and Commerce)
Your page is great, I'm doing a research paper on Oe Kenzaburo for my english class. He sounded like a very interesting poet so i chose to do my research on him. Anyway's can u send me some more information on Oe and some of his poems? This would really help my report. Thank you for your time and please send the information and poems assoon as possible. Thank you.
Jason Tanaka,
Have just found Kenzaburo Oe as a reference used by the author Orson Scott Card. I would like to know more about Mr. Oe thoughts on edge and center countries. Mr. Card talks about edge and center countries and who he thinks they are in the world today. I will be reading a personal matter as soon as I can get it at the bookstore. Keep up the good work on this page.
Susan Rogers,
I'm glad to have found this page. I'm a Mexican student and i'm another of those people who are trying to read all about Kenzaburo Oe. For us (Mexicans), is not easy to find all about his books and so for me is important to have this oportunity.
I saw Kenzaburo here in "El Colegio de Mexico" joining Octavio Paz. That was fantastic!
The first contact with his work was whit "A personal matter" because i'm studing japanese languaje to.
Thanks for all and sorry for my not very good English.
Cesar Vargas,
I'm taking a World Literature class, and we just finished reading A Personal Matter. I enjoyed the book, and after finding out about Oe's biography, appreciated it even more. You might wnat to look into Johnny Wallaces's home page at
Sadhna Vora,
I would like to receive complete information about Kenzaburo's "A personal matter" (full description of characters, place, time, environment, topic, summary, and chritics)as soon as posible (I'd really appreciate it). I'm really interested. I'm glad I found this fan club, and I congratulate you for this.
Mabel Diaz,
Thank you so much for your page. I had heard a rumor that Oe had resumed writing and I am happy to see that it's true. Although I just began reading his works a couple of years ago, I have read almost everything in translation into English and can't wait for more. So thanks again for your page and especially the "news" section.
Jacob Speaks
I am glad to see a web-page on Oe Kenzaburo since I am an avid reader of his works. I found particularly useful is your news section which updates me with the most current informations on his lectures, travels and new creative activities. I hope in the future, some of the texts of the lectures/speeches he give will be posted on the web page too. Thanks , and keep up the good work.
Faye Kleeman
Respectfully suggest empirical subway studies. Osu!
Harry Brent,
I am the editor of a new web publication called The Independent Reader ( Kenzaburo Oe's book called Nip the Buds, Shoot the Kids has been selected by The Harvard Bookstore in Cambridge, MA. to be one of our featured books for August. I will imbed a hypertext link to this site. Best of luck to you with this great website.
Joan Call