PIC Writer for Windows

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Write PIC on Windows

PICWW is the software to write PIC micro-computer with PIC writer. PICWW supports the parallel-port-type PIC writer. And its improbed type(Power controllable type).

The circuit of Parallel-Port-Type PIC writer is introduced in application note of PIC. You can download the application note from Microchip homepage.

PICWW runs on Windows95/98 (Windows2000). If you want to run PICWW on Windows2000, it is necessary to install "totalio.sys".


Download PICWW Ver2.37 English

How to install

Bug Info

How to install

Decompress the PICWW archive file with LZH archiver.

Execute PICWW.exe

You must setup "write settings" before use. The Write Setting dialog is shown by choosing Option->WriteSetting menu.

Choose the parallel port and setup write-wait. One click of [Measure] button sets Write-wait.

Select Device.

Supported devices and test result

PICWW Support devices are listed. But, I don't have all of these devices. So, I can not test PICWW with all device.

  • PIC12C508
  • PIC12C508A Tested
  • PIC12C509[A] Tested
  • PIC16C61
  • PIC16C62
  • PIC16C62A
  • PIC16C62B Tested
  • PIC16C620[A]
  • PIC16C621[A]
  • PIC16C622[A]
  • PIC16CE623
  • PIC16CE624
  • PIC16CE625
  • PIC16C63[A]
  • PIC16C64 Tested
  • PIC16C64A
  • PIC16C65
  • PIC16C65A,B
  • PIC16C66
  • PIC16C67
  • PIC16C71 Tested
  • PIC16C710
  • PIC16C711
  • PIC16C712
  • PIC16C716
  • PIC16C72[A]
  • PIC16C73
  • PIC16C73A,B
  • PIC16C74
  • PIC16C74A,B
  • PIC16C745
  • PIC16C76
  • PIC16C765
  • PIC16C77
  • PIC16C773
  • PIC16C774
  • PIC16C84 Tested
  • PIC16C923
  • PIC16C924
  • PIC16F627
  • PIC16F628
  • PIC16F84 Tested
  • PIC16F873 Tested
  • PIC16F874
  • PIC16F876 Tested
  • PIC16F877 Tested
  • 24xx01
  • 24xx02 Tested
  • 24xx04
  • 24xx08
  • 24xx16
  • 24xx32
  • 24xx64 Tested
  • 24xx128
  • 24xx256

  • BugInfo

    The latest bug info is in Japanese page.

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