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HN katsu Movie Star Wars to main of Figure's collection.
Date of birth 1979/Sep./05 Why, collection of the Pepsi-Cola can...(@_@;
Birthplace Nakamura-ku,
Nagoya City
OnePass member of Continental aviation.
As for the
Onepas, we would like to retire gradually.
JAL densely in the midst of collection.
It does not ride the JAL, with the card mile saving.
WAP (Northwest), bonus just mile in the midst of addition.
Parents' home Tenpaku-ku,
Nagoya City
Address Bunkyo-Ku,
Training which saves mileage is sometimes done.
With the year, the limit of training is felt...
Sex Male Being long time to continue to inhale the tobacco, the stomach it is black.
Occupation Inoccupation Because it is nasitis feeling, there is a time when it depends on the medicine a little.
Blood type O Rh+ The beef bowl Matsuya & Sukiya, compared to likes the Yoshinoya .
Height 176cm Favorite as for music, Aerosmith, Oasis, & Nirvana...
Weight 62kg Being walking to like, it does nighttime loitering.
Hobby Traveling Tumbler of Starbacks secretly in the midst of collection.
Specialty Collection Tall Cappuccino & Caramel Macchiato love!!