Wherever I go, if rotten Gamma there!
The "Brand New Gamma". Is this treasure ? or scrap?

This is misterious HB color Brand New Gamma. I found it at the coutry place far north from Tokyo.
It was owned by motorcycle shop, and they gave a HB colour on it for displaying.
The shop bancrapted and a friend of the shop owner has keeping it.
I bought this gamma with another one which broke engine, and many stock parts.
The price is not bad, if this works.
Strip the fairings, its battery is sealed, and no marks which shows this was run.

This is the certification from SUZUKI.
When I register this bike, this will gone. A little bit pitty.
I took aparts all parts, and cleaned up engine, carb, fuel tank, etc etc.
A Happy New Century!!

I fixed up it while New Year Holiday.
Oh, it's old HB Gamma!
I made small brass plate like this.
Waht for?

To apply digital temp meter.
And now I got the MARCHESINI at garage sale.
This is bolt on to Gamma.

Front wheel is 3.50 x 17.
Rear wheel is 4.50 x 17.

This is real brand new inside, but it was 15 years ago.I have to do clean up, grease up and check every parts. Then make this gamma competitive against modern bikes!

Good Legs Clean up legs Exchange wheels チャンバー装着

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